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A new hole in the earth swallows the garden and swimming pool of a house in Florida

This sudden sinkhole about 15 feet in diameter and 10 deep is added to those which emerged in recent months in the area

A new hole in the earth swallows the garden and swimming pool of a house in Florida

House Demolition Man ‘swallowed’ by a hole in Florida last March

The land continues swallowing the homes of the State of Florida (USA). The last case occurred in a small development near Orlando called Winter Park. There a sudden sinkhole about 15 meters in diameter and 10 deep has swallowed part of the garden and swimming pool of a house . Fortunately no fatalities there.

This sinkhole joins others that emerged in recent months also in the central state of Florida, an area particularly prone to this type of terrain features by subsurface geological features.

Also in the west, near Tampa , was formed last March one on the inside of a house that swallowed the room of a man who was sleepingand whose body could not be recovered.

The Fire Department Orange County confirmed today that the new hole was formed last night in the back of a house in Winter Park, and swallowed much of the pool and garden.

As a precautionary measure has ordered the evacuation of this and other nearby houses, while specialists study the sump with a sonar system to assess whether the field has been stable.

Authorities fear that the rains that are expected in the area during the day developing the conditions for which further enlarge the sump, which was formed when the resident of the house, Suzanne Blumenauer, was out because she had gone out to dinner.

According to the local newspaper “The Orlando Sentinel” precisely the woman had organized a garden party yesterday and none of the guests had noticed anything strange.

This area of Florida is particularly prone to the formation of potholes due to the terrain of limestone and other carbonate rocks on which it sits, which are easily eroded with groundwater sinks creating sometimes cause landslides.

According to a report of the Senate Banking and Insurance of Florida, only between 2006 and 2010 occurred in this state 24,671 potholes compensation claims of this nature, which means an average of 17 complaints a day.

Precisely in Winter Park was formed in 1981 one hundred yards in diameter and thirty feet deep that swept away a house and a licensee, and several of the luxury cars he sold.


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