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Aaron Levie, the millionaire who despises the luxuries

Box CEO has a fortune of one hundred million dollars, but says it does not appeal “neither money nor prestige.” She loves canned pasta and rarely going to restaurants

Aaron Levie, the millionaire who despises the luxuries

It has a fortune of more than one hundred million dollars, 92% of companies in the Fortune 500 , which includes the largest U.S. companies-use service that invented and yet allowing maximum luxuries are tons of iPhone canned pasta, her favorite food is Aaron Levie , a millionaire out of the ordinary.

The origin of his fortune goes back to 2005 when a teenager Levie arrived in California to begin his studies in Business Administration at the University of Los Angeles. There, in the world capital of technology , realized the possibilities offered by a world then almost unexplored: that of cloud computing. Do not think twice dropped out of college, returned to his native Seattle and gave birth in the house of the parents of his inseparable childhood friend Dylan Smith, to his great creature:, a storage service files through Internet.

However, they soon realized that they were too far from the center of action teconológica, so they decided to return to California (Los Altos, in the heart of Silicon Valley) with a loan of Texan billionaire Mark Cuban , who managed to convince through an e-mail of the future of your business . There they faced a vicious competition, which led to Levie to turn around its creation: Box renamed it and decided that, unlike most of the vast number of Internet companies that were emerging in those years, his audience objective would not individuals but companies.

The idea proved a success. Thereafter Box, whose current valueexceeds five hundred million dollars , became the example of start up successful: its creator has become a millionaire with a fortune that Bussiness Insider magazine estimated in 2011 at more than one hundred million dollars, and more than 150,000 companies around the world rely on it to store your sensitive documents. Among these prestigious corporations such as Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, or Fujifilm.

However, the success has not changed Levie, who in a recent interviewon the BBC claimed that retains many of the customs of university student, as his taste for canned pasta – “I love to eat all the time. My taste buds really have not evolved much , “he explains.

It also retains the small apartment he bought when starting with Box (which spends very little time for at least six days a week stays at the office until late at night and as he himself admits “there is a mansion in the hills “) and his old car.

Business at McDonald’s

In the little free time I have when not working – “work so many hours because I love what I do”, is justified neither squander happens in pubs or food binges. “I’m just going to a fancy restaurant when a customer requests it, but recently closed a business while we ate a McDonaldŽs”.

Where I do is spend time on improving your skills as a manager and motivator, which he considers key to the success of a company. “I spend the day watching Youtube videos on CEO’s,” he admits in another interview with First Round Capital . “He that is geek and probably scared.”

And, as stated, for him the most important thing is to take care of his people: “I certainly do not attract money and prestige. For me, there is simply nothing more exciting than seeing people involved in creating good products. That’s what moves me. “


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