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Confirmed that graphene is the strongest material in the world (even with defects)

It would require putting up an elephant balancing on a pencil to break a single sheet of this material placed over a cup of coffee

Confirman que el grafeno es el material más fuerte del mundo (incluso con defectos)

Graphene is one of the finest materials, flexible and higher conductivity there. He is called to revolutionize the future for their enormous potential applications in different fields, ranging from telecommunications and computer chip manufacturing ultrafast up a new way to develop drugs against cancer or an incredible space elevator. Now, in addition, scientists from Columbia University have confirmed something we already suspected, that it is the strongest material that exists, even if it contains defects. I have in thejournal Science.

Graphene is an atomic layer of carbon one atom thick arranged in a honeycomb lattice. It is perfect for small areas, but its use requires larger surfaces, for example to create leaves the size of a television screen. This requires unions that contain many small crystal grains, which could weaken the material and cause it to break more easily.However, the researchers’ experiments showed that even with these imperfections, graphene is very strong. Approximately 90% of what is perfect graphene. “We are very pleased to say that graphene is back and stronger than ever,” says James Hone, professor of mechanical engineering and head of the study.

The Columbia engineering team and published in the journal Science in 2008 that was perfect graphene the strongest material ever measured.”It would take an elephant balanced on a pencil, to break a sheet of graphene the thickness of cling film,” Hone said. Now have found that graphene can also imperfect yet.

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“This is an interesting result for the future of graphene, providing experimental evidence that has exceptional strength at the atomic scale can persist in larger samples,” says the researcher. “This force will be of great value to scientists continue developing new flexible electronics and ultra-strong composite materials.”

Graphene can be used in a wide variety of applications such as TV screens are wound as a poster or ultra strong composite materials that could replace the carbon fiber. The researchers even speculate that a space elevator would connect a satellite into Earth orbit by a long cable built with graphene. They say that no other material could be able to realize something.



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